Thursday, August 7, 2008

Final Project Details: Print this, too!

More details: be sure to print this out!

Day 1:
We will talk about the election and I want you to tell me what you know so far! Show off! What do you want to learn about?

Next, I will assign you to a group (4 members total.) Each group has a great mix of abilities, so please be sure to use your group members to help you: they will learn from you too! You will be graded on your collaboration and cooperation with your group members.

Next, your group will have to decide which campaign issue you want to explore more. There are many great campaign issues to research and you’ve already checked them out here:

In order to be fair, your group will choose a number out of a hat. That is the order in which your group will choose your topic. Your group will then go to the computers and start researching (with my guidance to make sure you're on appropriate sites). Remember, we use the Cornell note-taking method here at MS 319, and I will provide some paper for you.

Day 2:
Your group will continue to research your campaign issue. Do you understand John McCain’s position on the issue? Do you understand Barack Obama’s position? What do you think about the issue?

Now, you have all the information on your issue, now what? You’re going to tell us all about it by way of a newscast. And you’re going to make a video! Sounds fun, right? As a group, you will create a news broadcast detailing the issue and both candidates’ positions. Each video will give an overview of the election process and will delve into one campaign issue.

So think about the newscasts you have seen. What does the newscaster wear? Does s/he speak formally or informally? Does the newscaster tell you his/her opinion? Think about these things as you work on your script. We will be editing the videos using Windows MovieMaker.

The format for the video is:
I. Introduction of group members
II. Introduction to Election 2008---why is it important?
III. Quick overview of the electoral process in the US.
IV. Explain your campaign issue: ______________
a. Barack Obama’s stance (position)
b. John McCain’s stance (position)
V. Conclusion

You will most definitely need to meet with your group and work on these outside of class. Please be sure to get your group members' phone numbers.

***You can present McCain first and Obama second, too: whichever your group prefers!***

Day 3:

Group by group, you will record your videos in class. Please be sure to dress professionally and have your script completely done and practiced. You will be editing your videos later in case you make any mistakes or want to add in more creative elements. You will edit your video using Windows MovieMaker.

As you do your research, think about which soundbites (parts of a speech) or which images you would like to edit into your newscast.This is an intro to Windows MovieMaker: and here are some examples of projects you can do with it. You can get very creative!

Day 4:

Presentations! Each group will show their video and will briefly describe (1-3 minutes) how they made the video and their reflections. Your classmates will ask you questions so each member of your group must be prepared! You will be required to take notes on your classmates' presentations too. Later, you'll be asked about the other campaign topics too, so pay attention!

After the presentations:
You’re not quite finished! After completing and presenting your video, you will be required to write a reflective essay, sharing your own personal opinion and understanding of the issue.

In your essay, summarize the main points of your issue and what you think about it. You will be the expert, so you have to examine, evaluate, and synthesize (put together) all aspects of the topic.

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