Monday, July 14, 2008

Idiom Ideas

Every language has idioms, or phrases that do not mean exactly what the words mean, and these idioms can make it a little difficult for you to understand what is being said. In English, we have many idioms related to body parts, for example, and I came across (found) a wonderful game to help you practice them. What leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Do you want to get together tomorrow afternoon or play it by ear?

Check out the game at
Concentration is a memory and matching game, and it's lots of fun! These idioms will be old hat (very familiar to you) after you play. Have fun! Please leave a comment to let me know which idiom you liked the most, and why.

Also, check out this site for pictures of some more idioms (by kids, so cute!)

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Kyle said...

Ms. Schimmel, you hot! (and brilliant! :)